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Knifepoint follows the character Jaden as he finishes his workday and heads into his local town to meet his fiancée, Sharon. What seems like a normal walk carried out thousands of times by this titular character jarringly splits into two possible narratives and outcomes, one in which he is attacked by two knife-wielding strangers, and the other where he makes it to his fiancée safe.

Increased by the outset of a global pandemic, knife crime continues to transcend age, race, status and even geographical location, as England, Scotland and Wales see incremental rises in cases. 24 children aged just 17 or younger were murdered with a knife or sharp object in 2019 alone. This represents the highest number of children murdered in over a decade.

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Singh Number 7

Jasdeep Singh has always had a single dream – to show the world what he’s capable of, on the pitch and off. Now, with one last chance to prove himself, he’ll have to fight the clock, the prejudice of others and his own demons to finally take his shot.

Football is a global game. It is played, followed and enjoyed by billions across the globe. Almost 70% of players in the Premier League are foreign and 98% of Premier League matches were available to TV viewers outside England during the 2019-20 season.

However, ask the average football fan to name a single British Asian footballer and they would struggle. Ask the same fan why and they would probably say, British Asians don’t play football. Cricket is more popular. And British Asians prefer “stick” sports rather than contact sports. Race is also commonly used when attempting to explain this exclusion. South Asian communities are often stereotyped as being smaller, weaker and less able to flourish in contact sports.

However, Singh: Number 7 is not simply a Football film. It is a hard-hitting drama with the sport of Football effectively a character playing out its very own nuances in the storyline. This film is about Jasdeep Singh, a man who has nothing and risks everything to feel something other than the numbness and monotony of a life going nowhere.


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I Heart London

Based on that first holiday trip. Not to the seaside resort or the summer camp, but to the big city. It is a special, daunting moment, filled with larger than life buildings coupled with utterly unforgettable sights and sounds. This series, gives viewers a hilarious insight into just what life is like for the people who spend day in and day out creating the ultimate visitor experience an one of those blockbuster cities, London.

How To Sell

When a young Indian man emigrates to the UK, to work in his uncle's electronics store, he finds himself taken under the wing of the diverse staff and given a crash course in how to be British in the 21st century.

Del Rio

The dry, tumble weed laiden sand fields of Texas beckons in this radical crime drama set on the U.S-Mexico border. When the brutal murder of a large group of migrants is discovered in the town of Del Rio, it sets off a series of revaltions triggered by the exploits of a washed up female ex-stock car racer now living paycheck to paycheck as a bartender in her grandparent’s watering hole.

Mr Dhillon

Born with a mental disability, Mr Dhillon seeks to break the convention of what someone of his circumstances is ought to achieve. He seeks an unheard of independence by striving to start a new business and a new path for himself. 

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