A young Asian man strives to follow his dream of playing semi-professional football in Leicester, but has to overcome obstacles both self-imposed and thrown up by society, particularly racism. "Asians don't play football."

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Two fates, differing outcomes. One fateful decision hangs in the balance as a knife carrying man is confronted by a man on his way home from work.


Sky News

Sky News Interview

Creators Pardeep Chera and Joshua Odigie appeared on Sky News live to discuss Singh Number 7 after the release of the concept trailer got media attention

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Sky Sports

Sky Sports Interview

Pardeep Chera shared his footballing experiences with Sky Sports and explains how Singh Number 7 tells a story that is needed.

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Concept Trailer

Concept Trailer

Check out the Singh Number 7 Concept Trailer. Since its release the trailer has over 240'000 views across social media.




I Heart London

Based on that first holiday trip. Not to the seaside resort or the summer camp, but to the big city. It is a special, daunting moment, filled with larger than life buildings coupled with utterly unforgettable sights and sounds. This series, gives viewers a hilarious insight into just what life is like for the people who spend day in and day out creating the ultimate visitor experience an one of those blockbuster cities, London.

How To Sell

When a young Indian man emigrates to the UK, to work in his uncle's electronics store, he finds himself taken under the wing of the diverse staff and given a crash course in how to be British in the 21st century.

Del Rio

The dry, tumble weed laiden sand fields of Texas beckons in this radical crime drama set on the U.S-Mexico border. When the brutal murder of a large group of migrants is discovered in the town of Del Rio, it sets off a series of revaltions triggered by the exploits of a washed up female ex-stock car racer now living paycheck to paycheck as a bartender in her grandparent’s watering hole.

Mr Dhillon

Born with a mental disability, Mr Dhillon seeks to break the convention of what someone of his circumstances is ought to achieve. He seeks an unheard of independence by striving to start a new business and a new path for himself.